Paid service

Paid service

People powered translation

We provide people powered translation for members who are speaking different languages, you can choose to translate your sent message and received message, the translation price is

Price: $1.0 US Dollars per 100 symbols;
One hieroglyphic character (such as Chinese, Japanese) equals 2 symbols;


VIP member can enjoy more services and get cheaper price with translation, gifts etc. It costs 30 gold per month, but the price goes down as you buy more months, you can also upgrade other members.


All the gifts are virtual gifts, some are free and some are with a price

Secret Photo

Members can post secret photos, if you want to view the photo, you will pay for it, the price is random, it could be free and up to 10 gold.

Last updated at: 7/23/2018, 12:21:27 PM